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On Wednesday, March 26, 2008, in Mumbai the sify news reported about the rape case of a teenager by a Maulvi.

” Mumbai Police arrested the maulvi of a suburban mosque for allegedly raping a 19-year-old girl, on Wednesday.

The maulvi, Altaf Munshi, 47, was nabbed on Wednesday morning after the      girl lodged a complaint against him late Tuesday night. Altaf is a maulvi at the Medina Mosque in Vikhroli. Deputy Commissioner of Police Datta Karale told IANS: “On Tuesday afternoon Altaf asked the girl, who stays few buildings away, to come to his house to help him with some religious ceremonies.”


Karale said when the girl went to his house, Altaf assaulted and raped her. The victim lodged a complaint with the Vihroli police, on Tuesday night. Shortly thereafter, the police arrested the maulvi.

The girl has been admitted to a hospital for medical check-up while the maulvi has been charged with rape and sexual assault. ”

Women should always be careful, it doesn’t matter if that person is Maulvi or any priest. The belief should be there in the mind but should not be exhibited by such false trust on someone.


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On Jan 1, 2008, In Kolkata ,The statesman reported about the statistics of the woman trafficking:

” Despite sustained campaign against woman trafficking and state government’s claim of success in dealing with such cases, West Bengal continues to top the list of states selling girls for prostitution. The latest report of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) revealed that nearly 93 per cent of girls, sold for prostitution in brothels across the states in 2006, were from West Bengal. The report comes at a time when the state government is claiming success in dealing with issues related to human trafficking.
The report also mentioned that 123 cases of “selling of girls for prostitution” were reported from various police stations in the country. West Bengal alone registered a total of 114 cases of girls being sold for prostitution in the same year, says the report. As part of its initiatives to nab persons involved in human trafficking racket, the state police have already set up Anti-Human Trafficking Cell in the Criminal Investigation Department. According to the NCRB report for the year 2006, the number of girls being sold for prostitution has gone up rapidly in the country over the past three years. When contacted, Mr DP Tarania, inspector-general of police, Criminal Investigating Department, said: “I’m not aware of the latest NCRB report. If it is mentioned in the report that West Bengal accounted for 92 percent of the total cases of girls being sold for prostitution, then there is something wrong in the report.”
In 2004, the NCRB had received only 19 cases of girls being sold in brothels for prostitution. The figure rose to 50 in the year 2005 registering a growth of 163 percent. The recent NCRB report set alarm bell ringing by revealing that girls being sold for prostitution in the country has gone up by 146 percent during 2005-06. ”

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Bangladesh Human Rights report handed in to Dutch MP van Bommel

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