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On December 7, 2007. The Post reported that a woman was humiliated, raped by two men and left in the fields.

” A woman succumbed to her injuries Friday after she was kidnapped, gang-raped and tortured by two criminals.

Reportedly, Shaukat along with his accomplice entered the house of Shaeed Muhammad Sulaiman Rajput in his absence where his wife, 35, was asleep with her children.

The criminals kidnapped her and took her to their “Dera” where they tortured and subjected her gang rape. At dawn, criminals dragged her in a field where her husband found her and took her to his house where she told him the whole story and died before taking any medical treatment.”

We will follow this and update you with the latest news.  We hope the perpetrators be punished, who were responsible for taking an Innocent’s life


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