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On Wednesday, Jan 30, 2008. CNNIBN reported about the news about the dowry

” In a shocking case of dowry harassment, a Chennai-based woman was forced to flee from US and take refuge with her family in Tamil Nadu. Muthumari Bhadrinath says she escaped her husband’s torture after eight years of marriage.

Finally in the safety of her family, the 38-year-old has now filed a complaint with the Chennai police.

“He abused me physically, beat me for 15-20 minutes daily. He bit me on my hands. When I requested him to take me to a doctor, he took me there and told the doctor it was a bee bite,” she says.

With no help in America, she flew back to Chennai, leaving her four-year-old daughter behind. She says her daughter suffers from a heart disease.

Now, with the help of Congress leader Jayanthi Natarajan, Muthumari is beginning her fight to get her daughter back.

“I’m going to definitely move that embassies of all countries should have a hotline number where women of Indian origin can contact them if they’re in trouble and seek help,” says Natarajan.

The Chennai police say say they have contacted Muthumari’s husband in the United States and will file an FIR.”

 Even tolerating for eight years was too much. Such cases should be reported immediately.


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On Dec 28, 2007, The Statesman reported the death of two people.

” The cause of death of two members of a family of Talabarangpadar village, under Bisam Cuttack police limits has perplexed both police and people of the district.
Ranjee Kumburuka (30), wife of Lingana Kumburuka and her mother-in-law Deepai Kumburuka (60) had died on the same day. While the family members of Lingara claimed that Ranjee died of illness, his in-laws claimed that she was murdered for dowry.
Sources said that Rajnee, a mother of five had fallen ill recently, while her husband was away. She reportedly died after sometime, though the family members claimed that they had tried their best to save her. Ranjee’s mother-in-law Deepai died soon after.
The villagers cremated both the bodies and informed the matter to Ranjee’s family members. They lodged a complaint in the police station alleging that she was tortured for dowry and was murdered.
Bisam Cuttack IIC Mr Kartikeswar Samal along with a doctor reached the spot to enquire the matter. The doctor informed that there were injury marks on the head, left eye lid, chest, hand and back. Ranjee was five month’s pregnant, the doctor added.
Police are investigating into the matter the matter and nobody has been arrested so far.  “

We will follow this story and update you with the latest news.

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On Wednesday,in Delhi, December 19, 2007, CNNIBN reported about the sex racket.

” The national capital is fast gaining the dubious distinction as a hub of underage prostitution racket.

Minor girls are being pimped as “virgins” for huge prices to customers from across India and the market is thriving. Experts say the alarming trend is common to most metro cities but Delhi ‘s underbelly seems to be the murkiest.

A CNN-IBN Special Investigation Team went undercover, posing as customers and found child traffickers offering young minor girls for a price without a care for the law.


The first girl on offer was Payal (name changed), a underage girl being touted by a pimp called Mukesh at a shop in south Delhi. Mukesh regularly “supplies” underage, virgin girls to customers in Delhi.

Their “going rates” are on his fingertips. Given below is an excerpt from a conversation CNN-IBN had with Mukesh.


Mukesh: Uska bahut mota paisa lagega. (Payal will be very expensive)

CNN-IBN: Kitna lagega? (How much?)

Mukesh: Kam se kam 80-90 hazar rupay lagega. (At least Rs 80,000 to Rs 90,000.)

A week later, Rahul, Mukesh’s right hand man got Payal to meet the SIT team again and repeatedly assured that she was a minor.

Rahul: (I assure you she is young, but you should be the only one having intercourse with her, otherwise there’ll be trouble and I will be in trouble.)

CNN-IBN: Khoon nikelaga? (Will she bleed?)

Rahul: Haan. Nahi niklega toh paisey ley jao. Rs 1000 de dena. (Yes. She will. If she does not, you’ll get your money back. Just pay us Rs 1,000 in that case.)

During the investigation, the SIT found there was a huge demand for underage girls in metros like Delhi.

CEO of NGO Naz Foundation, Anjali Gopalan explains the disturbing trend. “Minor girls are being increasingly pushed into the flesh market because many men think they will be safe from being infected with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases,” she says.


That’s not all. With girl children fetching up to Rs 1 lakh, traffickers like Rahul and Mukesh admitted family members were often prepared to push their girls into the flesh trade. “

 We will follow this story and update you with the latest news.

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On December 7, 2007. The Post reported that a woman was humiliated, raped by two men and left in the fields.

” A woman succumbed to her injuries Friday after she was kidnapped, gang-raped and tortured by two criminals.

Reportedly, Shaukat along with his accomplice entered the house of Shaeed Muhammad Sulaiman Rajput in his absence where his wife, 35, was asleep with her children.

The criminals kidnapped her and took her to their “Dera” where they tortured and subjected her gang rape. At dawn, criminals dragged her in a field where her husband found her and took her to his house where she told him the whole story and died before taking any medical treatment.”

We will follow this and update you with the latest news.  We hope the perpetrators be punished, who were responsible for taking an Innocent’s life

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In Nagpur, on Friday, November 30, 2007. The Times of India reported that a woman was repetitively humiliated, she used to visit the government medical college and hospital where her husband is undergoing treatment. Although, it is still unclear that if she was raped.

” Sources claimed that the local public had reportedly rescued a distressed woman from the clutches of a goon who was trying to drag the victim to a desolate location. The public reportedly rescued the woman after she raised an alarm. The goon was also reportedly thrashed before being taken to the police booth located on the hospital premises. The goon was later taken to the Ajni police station.

Senior police inspector Ratansingh Yadav has claimed that the woman, who was reportedly ‘rescued’ by public, had denied that she was raped on the hospital premises on Wednesday night. “The woman in question had also furnished a written declaration denying rape to police,” said inspector Yadav.

Another officer of the Ajni police station claimed that the goon was questioned but was not arrested. “He seems to be unwell and mentally deranged,” said the officer. According to sources, the woman was under stress after the incident and had declined to report the matter for fear of social stigma.”

It is still incomprehensible yet. We will follow this story and post any future updates on this story.

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In Lahore, On Thursday, November 29, 2007. The Daily Times reported that that 18-year-old Kashif Ali and his cousin Asim on had raped a 41 year-old Ruqayya in front of her children. She reported the police on Tuesday.

” The police said Ruqayya (41), was a resident of Peeran Wala Goth village, Chota Mohlanwal. Ruqayya accused Asim Ali and his 18-year-old cousin Kashif Ali of raping her. She said Asim was the son of their landlord, Azam. She said the boys had raped her in front of her children. She said the two boys had raped her because she stopped Asim from teasing her daughter. She said the boys had threatened her with dire consequences.”

During interrogation, Kashif told the police that they had not raped Ruqayya. He said they had had sex with Ruqayya with her (Ruqayya’s) consent. He said Ruqayya had “illicit relations” with Asim. On Tuesday, he said, Asim had visited Ruqayya’s house. He said he had seen Asim entering the house. He said when he had entered the house; Ruqayya and Asim were in compromising situation. He said, “When I told Ruqayya that I will tell her (Ruqayya’s) husband, she allowed me to have sex with her.”

Manga police have arrested Kashif but the investigation is still on. We will update you with any progress in this story.

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On Monday, November 26, 2007. CNNIBN reported this news of brutality Everyone watched as two men stripped a tribal woman in Guwahati. The woman was one of the hundreds Tea garden workers protesting for their rights. A woman is brutally kicked, beaten up and paraded on the main streets of Guwahati by two local business men while the police and crowds just watched. The two have been already arrested but the fact that nothing was done either by the policemen or the local people to prevent this, the woman was not rescued by any local people when she was seeking for help

Nothing was done as a humanity by the police or the spectators when the woman was being stripped. This truly is a shameful act. This is a disgrace to the state and the country.

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