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On Wednesday, Jan 30, 2008. CNNIBN reported about the news about the dowry

” In a shocking case of dowry harassment, a Chennai-based woman was forced to flee from US and take refuge with her family in Tamil Nadu. Muthumari Bhadrinath says she escaped her husband’s torture after eight years of marriage.

Finally in the safety of her family, the 38-year-old has now filed a complaint with the Chennai police.

“He abused me physically, beat me for 15-20 minutes daily. He bit me on my hands. When I requested him to take me to a doctor, he took me there and told the doctor it was a bee bite,” she says.

With no help in America, she flew back to Chennai, leaving her four-year-old daughter behind. She says her daughter suffers from a heart disease.

Now, with the help of Congress leader Jayanthi Natarajan, Muthumari is beginning her fight to get her daughter back.

“I’m going to definitely move that embassies of all countries should have a hotline number where women of Indian origin can contact them if they’re in trouble and seek help,” says Natarajan.

The Chennai police say say they have contacted Muthumari’s husband in the United States and will file an FIR.”

 Even tolerating for eight years was too much. Such cases should be reported immediately.


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Woman dies because of dowry

On Jan 13, 2008, The Times of India reported about the death of woman because of dowry.

”  A 24-year-old woman was allegedly killed by her in-laws for not fulfilling their demand of dowry. The incident was reported in Ghazipur police circle in the state capital on Friday.

The police claimed that the victim was identified as Rita. According to the report lodged by the police in the matter, the father of deceased Rita, Krishna Kumar accused his daughter’s father-in-law Natha Ram, husband Mukesh Kumar, brother-in-laws Manoj Kumar and his wife Manju, Vijay Kumar and his wife Puja and Mohit Kumar for killing his daughter Rita as she was not able to meet their demand of a car and one lakh rupees as dowry.

The report lodged with the police states that the victim was being tortured by her in-laws after her marriage on January 29 last year. The police have lodged a complaint in the matter against all the accused and are conducting investigations into the matter.

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On Dec 28, 2007, The Statesman reported the death of two people.

” The cause of death of two members of a family of Talabarangpadar village, under Bisam Cuttack police limits has perplexed both police and people of the district.
Ranjee Kumburuka (30), wife of Lingana Kumburuka and her mother-in-law Deepai Kumburuka (60) had died on the same day. While the family members of Lingara claimed that Ranjee died of illness, his in-laws claimed that she was murdered for dowry.
Sources said that Rajnee, a mother of five had fallen ill recently, while her husband was away. She reportedly died after sometime, though the family members claimed that they had tried their best to save her. Ranjee’s mother-in-law Deepai died soon after.
The villagers cremated both the bodies and informed the matter to Ranjee’s family members. They lodged a complaint in the police station alleging that she was tortured for dowry and was murdered.
Bisam Cuttack IIC Mr Kartikeswar Samal along with a doctor reached the spot to enquire the matter. The doctor informed that there were injury marks on the head, left eye lid, chest, hand and back. Ranjee was five month’s pregnant, the doctor added.
Police are investigating into the matter the matter and nobody has been arrested so far.  “

We will follow this story and update you with the latest news.

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Woman kills herself because of dowry

On Wednesday, In Ahmedabad, December 26, 2007, TimesofIndia reported the incidence of dowry.

 A young woman committed suicide at her home in Sabarmati by hanging self Monday night. Her parents then accused her husband of murdering her. However, on Tuesday the post mortem report confirmed that she hanged herself. The alibi of her husband checked out and police have dropped all charges against him.

Archana Nayak, 26, was found dead in her home in Varahi society in Sabarmati at around 9 pm by her relatives. She had hung herself by a nylon rope in her bedroom.

M B Parmar, sub-inspector of Sabarmati police station said, “Archana was Bharat Nayak’s second wife. He already has a six-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter. He works in Western Railways (Mehsana) unit as a foreman.

He came in touch with her, a resident of the same society, in 2004 when he was already married. They fell in love and got married in 2005 despite opposition from Archana’s father, Chinubhai Patel,” said. Adding that their marriage was going well till some time back.

“Chinubhai has mentioned in his complaint against Bharat, his father Arvind and mother Bhavna Nayak that the trio was
physically and mentally harassing Archana. Also that they were pressurising them for dowry,” he said.

K B Zala, inspector of Sabarmati police station, said, “The complaint does not prove Bharat’s involvement in Archana’s murder. Her parents accused murder but medical reports confirmed that she hung herself. There were no injury marks on Archana’s body in the post-mortem. Bharat also gave an alibi that he was at Mehsana when the incident took place which we have confirmed. However, we have registered a complaint for harassment for dowry against him and his parents till investigation reveal otherwise,” said.

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In New Delhi, On December 9, 2007. ExpressIndia reported the story about a woman who was made to leave the house for dowry by her in-laws and the husband who supported them.

” Nitasha Goel, who was allegedly tortured and then thrown out of her in-law’s house in June this year due to dowry demands, held a demonstration in front of Police Headquarters at Red Light Chowk on Sunday to protest against the “injustice” meted out to her. Supporting her were members of an NGO, Foundation for Common Man, who called for a total eradication of dowry in the country.

Talking to reporters, Goel said that all she wants is an apology from her husband, Vijay, and her rightful place at his house. “I did not do anything wrong and I will continue my fight until my husband takes me home with all the dignity and respect I deserve, said Goel.

Before marriage she was working as a stenographer with the Kendriya Sachivalaya but after tying the knot she had to quit because her in-laws did not want her to work.

“Despite meeting all their demands, my in-laws started harassing me from day one. At first, they threw all the gifts I brought at my face and then they started humiliating me in front of the guests. Many times, they threw cups of tea at me,” said Goel.

Meanwhile, the demands for dowry also kept increasing. Goel said a month after her wedding, the in-laws started demanding a car and 1/3rd share of the family property. When Goel and her family refused, they allegedly threw her out of the house on June 3.

“We were not in a position to meet their demands. We have two other sons who look after our business and we have to think about them. Also, my husband and I are old and the business is the only thing we can count on,” said her mother Seema Bansal.

Goel approached the Foundation for Common Man for help. Chairman of the organisation Prahlad Aggarwal along with the help of Bhajan Pura Police Station tried to reason with Vijay’s family, but it bore no fruit. So they went to the National Crime Cell for Women.

Earlier, Goel and some NGO members had also held candlelight vigils at Shahdara in front of the DCP’s office and also at Ashok Vatika Park near the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police. So far, the bride’s family has not registered any FIR against the groom because they want to continue their protests through counselling, though, according to Goel, even that is not working.

“My husband now wants me to apologise in front of a TV channel and say that I was lying. But I will not do so because I am right and he is wrong,” she added. “

We will follow this story and update you with latest news.

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In Ghaziabad, Dec 7, 2007:  Chennai Online reported that the groom asking for the dowry before the marriage.

Enraged over a sudden demand for dowry, villagers and members of a bride’s family on Thursday blackened the face of the prospective groom and took out a procession in Simbhawli village, near Garhmukteshwar.

The groom, Sonu Prajapathi, had reportedly refused to marry the girl until he was given a particular sum of money.

He and his relatives were locked up in a room, and the bride asked him to pay the marriage expenses incurred by her father as a virtual ransom, police said.

The father of the groom, Dayanand Prajapathi, then rushed back to his house and paid Rs 1,36,000 for releasing his relatives, they added.

Even the educated people tend to take dowry. They should be punished and legal actions must be taken against such people.

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Campaign against Dowry in Pakistan

In Islamabad,  on Friday, November 30, 2007. The Daily Times reported about the “Silver Ribbon Campaign against Dowry.”

There is a need to bring about a legal mechanism to end violence relating to dowry, which has been a deep-rooted social evil for centuries, said the United Nations Fund for Women (UNIFEM) Gender Advisor Dr Suleman Asif at the ‘Silver Ribbon Campaign against Dowry’.
The Society for Advancement of Community, Health, Education and Training (SACHET) focused their campaign against ‘Dowry Violence’, which has been prevalent in the subcontinent for centuries.

“The efforts should not be confined to create awareness among the masses against the disastrous effects of dowry in the society but to introduce new behaviors and sustaining them,” Asif said.

He added that Pakistan had multiple legislations including the Federal Law, Shariah Law and customary laws, which give refuge to those who indulge in such practices.

Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) Chairman Iftikhar Arif said that there was a need to take positive steps to eliminate dowry from society. “Everyone in our society prefers to make tall claims to end the menace of dowry but no one takes practical measures in this regard,” he said. Arif said that it was the responsibility of the public to discourage the menace, which made thousands of parents unable to get their daughters married.”

Even the educated class of people tend to encourage dowry even today. Dowry can only be eradicated if that evil is taken out from minds of the people but otherwise, no law can prevent this.

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