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On Wednesday, March 26, 2008, in Mumbai the sify news reported about the rape case of a teenager by a Maulvi.

” Mumbai Police arrested the maulvi of a suburban mosque for allegedly raping a 19-year-old girl, on Wednesday.

The maulvi, Altaf Munshi, 47, was nabbed on Wednesday morning after the      girl lodged a complaint against him late Tuesday night. Altaf is a maulvi at the Medina Mosque in Vikhroli. Deputy Commissioner of Police Datta Karale told IANS: “On Tuesday afternoon Altaf asked the girl, who stays few buildings away, to come to his house to help him with some religious ceremonies.”


Karale said when the girl went to his house, Altaf assaulted and raped her. The victim lodged a complaint with the Vihroli police, on Tuesday night. Shortly thereafter, the police arrested the maulvi.

The girl has been admitted to a hospital for medical check-up while the maulvi has been charged with rape and sexual assault. ”

Women should always be careful, it doesn’t matter if that person is Maulvi or any priest. The belief should be there in the mind but should not be exhibited by such false trust on someone.


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Women trafficking

An article from nytimes about women prostitution

WHAT do we know about the woman Gov. Eliot Spitzer allegedly hired as a prostitute? She was the one person he ignored in his apology. What is she going through now? Is she in danger from organized crime because of what she knows? Is anyone offering her legal counsel or alternatives to prostitution?

“I’m here for a purpose,” she said in a conversation with her booking agent after meeting with Governor Spitzer, according to the affidavit of the F.B.I agent who investigated the prostitution ring. “I know what my purpose is. I’m not a … moron, you know what I mean.”

Her purpose, as a man who knew patiently explained, is “renting” out an organ for 10 minutes. Men rent women through the Internet or by cellphone as if they were renting a car. And now, in response to the news about Governor Spitzer, pundits are wading into the age-old debates over whether prostitution is a victimless crime or whether women are badly hurt in prostitution no matter what they’re paid.

Whose theory is it that prostitution is victimless? It’s the men who buy prostitutes who spew the myths that women choose prostitution, that they get rich, that it’s glamorous and that it turns women on.

But most women in prostitution, including those working for escort services, have been sexually abused as children, studies show. Incest sets young women up for prostitution — by letting them know what they’re worth and what’s expected of them. Other forces that channel women into escort prostitution are economic hardship and racism.

The Emperor’s Club presented itself as an elite escort service. But aside from charging more, it worked like any other prostitution business. The pimps took their 50 percent cut. The Emperor’s Club often required that the women provide sex twice an hour. One woman who was wiretapped indicated that she couldn’t handle that pressure. The ring operated throughout the United States and Europe. The transport of women for prostitution was masked by its description as “travel dates.”

Telephone operators at the Emperor’s Club criticized one of the women for cutting sessions with buyers short so that she could pick up her children at school. “As a general rule,” one said, “girls with children tend to have a little more baggage going on.”

Whether the woman is in a hotel room or on a side street in someone’s car, whether she’s trafficked from New York to Washington or from Mexico to Florida or from the city to the suburbs, the experience of being prostituted causes her immense psychological and physical harm. And it all starts with the buyer.

Melissa Farley is the author of “Prostitution and Trafficking in Nevada: Making the Connections.” Victor Malarek is the author of “The Natashas: Inside the New Global Sex Trade.”

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On Saturday, March 8, 2008, Mumbaimirror reported a news about a woman who was raped for two days by two men.

” A simple invitation to attend a colleague’s birthday party turned out to be a traumatic experience for a 28-year-old woman, who was given intoxicating drinks, locked up in a room and repeatedly raped for two days, all because of her refusal to drink whisky.

The police on Friday arrested Prasad Javdekar and Ramdas Chavan, both Nallasopara residents, for the crime.

The Birthday Party

The victim, who stays in Chembur and works as a personal loan agent for a loan franchise, received an invitation to attend Javdekar’s birthday party on March 3. Javdekar, who also works as a personal loan agent for another firm, was known to the victim through her colleague Joe Patel.

The victim reached Patel’s flat in Sunbeam Society, Nallasopara (E) for the party and was joined by Javdekar, Chavan and an other unidentified person.

During the party, Javdekar reportedly offered the victim a peg of whisky that she refused. There was an argument over the issue and Javdekar smashed a glass in anger.

Javdekar and Ramdas then offered the woman a glass of soft drink laced with intoxicants, police said. Soon, she was in a stupor and taking advantage of her condition, the duo took her to the bedroom and raped her.

The other two men in the house refused to take part in the crime. “They were threatened and asked to keep quiet by Javdekar,” said assistant police inspector Anil Patil of Nallasopara police station. For two days, the duo raped the woman in the room.

The Escape

The woman recovered from the effects of the drug only after two days. She managed to free herself and escaped from the flat after the men left for work. She ran straight to the Nallasopara police station and lodged a complaint. Ramdas and Javdekar were arrested under Section 376 (rape) of the IPC, said Patil.

The victim is currently undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Mumbai and her medical report has confirmed rape.

Her parents, who live in Pune, have been informed about the incident, police said.

The duo have been remanded in police custody after being produced before the Vasai Sessions Court on Saturday. “

It would be safe to consume the beverages from a sealed bottle in the parties because such drugs are easily available in the market and it can be mixed with any soft drink or even with water.

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On Saturday- March 08, 2008, in Goa, CNNIBN reported the news about a British girl who was raped

” Goa Tourism Minister Mickey Pacheco has demanded dismissal of police officers who carelessly handled the case of the 15-year-old British girl who was found dead under suspicious circumstances on the Goa beach.

“Such negligence by police department spoils Goa’s image,” he said this in the letter to Goa Home Minister Ravi Naik.

The Goa Police had earlier said it has no reason to hush up the case of the dead 15-year-old British teenager, which has caught international attention after her family members alleged foul play.

“From day one our investigation is aimed at finding out whether the death is homicidal or accidental. We have no reasons to hush up the case,” North Goa Superintendent of Police Bosco George had told PTI this evening.

Scarlett Keeling’s second autopsy report is identical to the first and it repeats that she died of drowning. However, it doesn’t establish the circumstances surrounding her death

Scarlette’s parents believe the death was not due to drowning as the police claim. They say the injury and other bruises on her body point to a cover up.

Fiona McKeown, Scarlette’s mother, has questioned the first post-mortem report that said the teenager had accidentally drowned.

“We think she had her face pushed into the sand because of the amount of the sand that was inside her nose and mouth. But the injuries all over her legs, arms and back are not fatal injuries. Somebody’s done that to her before they killed her,” Fiona says.

“She was battered before she was murdered, there were a lot of bruises on her. There had been an order that morning at 9:30 for the body to be removed after we’d gone down to the police station and asked to see the body again,” she says.

She adds, “I had asked them not to remove the body until I saw it agian, But they were still trying to remove it. They’re definitely trying to cover up.”

The counsel for the Keeling family says they’ve evidence pointing to foul play in Scarlette’s death.

“They have changed the investigating officer and there’s a new supervising officer who is above him. I am optimistic that they will carry out a proper investigation now. We will follow the logical process till justice is served,” says the counsel for the parents of the victim, Vikram Verma.

McKeown says she is sure her daughter was murdered.

“I saw her body for the third time today and there are more than 50 bruises on her body. I don’t know who killed her. But she was killed,” Fiona adds.

The photographs, which were taken by McKeown shortly after she saw the body on February 18, clearly show a number of bruises and cuts on Scarlette’s body. Even the first autopsy had mentioned the presence of injury marks, but the Goa police did not take the investigation forward.

“Why are police lying to the mother of the girl? Why is police lying to the media? Why are police hiding information? Should we trust the men in uniform or we should get terrorised because of them?” McKeown’s advocate Vikram Varma asks.

Goa Chief Minister Digamber Kamat has said he will personally monitor the investigation. The results of the second post mortem are expected on Saturday.”

This is just one story which is been reported and so many of them go unreported. It is very hard for the foreigners to stay or live in India specially if they do not know the regional language.



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