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Campaign against Dowry in Pakistan

In Islamabad,  on Friday, November 30, 2007. The Daily Times reported about the “Silver Ribbon Campaign against Dowry.”

There is a need to bring about a legal mechanism to end violence relating to dowry, which has been a deep-rooted social evil for centuries, said the United Nations Fund for Women (UNIFEM) Gender Advisor Dr Suleman Asif at the ‘Silver Ribbon Campaign against Dowry’.
The Society for Advancement of Community, Health, Education and Training (SACHET) focused their campaign against ‘Dowry Violence’, which has been prevalent in the subcontinent for centuries.

“The efforts should not be confined to create awareness among the masses against the disastrous effects of dowry in the society but to introduce new behaviors and sustaining them,” Asif said.

He added that Pakistan had multiple legislations including the Federal Law, Shariah Law and customary laws, which give refuge to those who indulge in such practices.

Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) Chairman Iftikhar Arif said that there was a need to take positive steps to eliminate dowry from society. “Everyone in our society prefers to make tall claims to end the menace of dowry but no one takes practical measures in this regard,” he said. Arif said that it was the responsibility of the public to discourage the menace, which made thousands of parents unable to get their daughters married.”

Even the educated class of people tend to encourage dowry even today. Dowry can only be eradicated if that evil is taken out from minds of the people but otherwise, no law can prevent this.


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In Nagpur, on Friday, November 30, 2007. The Times of India reported that a woman was repetitively humiliated, she used to visit the government medical college and hospital where her husband is undergoing treatment. Although, it is still unclear that if she was raped.

” Sources claimed that the local public had reportedly rescued a distressed woman from the clutches of a goon who was trying to drag the victim to a desolate location. The public reportedly rescued the woman after she raised an alarm. The goon was also reportedly thrashed before being taken to the police booth located on the hospital premises. The goon was later taken to the Ajni police station.

Senior police inspector Ratansingh Yadav has claimed that the woman, who was reportedly ‘rescued’ by public, had denied that she was raped on the hospital premises on Wednesday night. “The woman in question had also furnished a written declaration denying rape to police,” said inspector Yadav.

Another officer of the Ajni police station claimed that the goon was questioned but was not arrested. “He seems to be unwell and mentally deranged,” said the officer. According to sources, the woman was under stress after the incident and had declined to report the matter for fear of social stigma.”

It is still incomprehensible yet. We will follow this story and post any future updates on this story.

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On Thursday, November 29, 2007 Gorkhapatra reported that a woman was found dead in a secluded area.

” Area Police Office, Belbari, said the body of 29-year-old Mina Biswokarma of Belbari-9, who had come for the weekly hatiya (market) at Belbari Bazaar, has been found near a bridge in the Betana wetlands area on the eastern side of the bazaar.
Police said her neck was tightened with a shawl and is suspected that she might have been killed after rape as a gent’s jeans pant has also been found from the site. Police have recovered her cycle, sandals and a bag containing the greens she had bought from the hatiya.
Based on the crime scene investigation, police said a gang might have raped her as the bushes around the incident site have been found bedraggled.”

We will inform you with any future updates with regard to this story. Women should find some way to protect or defend themselves either by keeping some sort of weapon or equipment. They should somehow learn to fight against such circumstances.

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In Lahore, On Thursday, November 29, 2007. The Daily Times reported that that 18-year-old Kashif Ali and his cousin Asim on had raped a 41 year-old Ruqayya in front of her children. She reported the police on Tuesday.

” The police said Ruqayya (41), was a resident of Peeran Wala Goth village, Chota Mohlanwal. Ruqayya accused Asim Ali and his 18-year-old cousin Kashif Ali of raping her. She said Asim was the son of their landlord, Azam. She said the boys had raped her in front of her children. She said the two boys had raped her because she stopped Asim from teasing her daughter. She said the boys had threatened her with dire consequences.”

During interrogation, Kashif told the police that they had not raped Ruqayya. He said they had had sex with Ruqayya with her (Ruqayya’s) consent. He said Ruqayya had “illicit relations” with Asim. On Tuesday, he said, Asim had visited Ruqayya’s house. He said he had seen Asim entering the house. He said when he had entered the house; Ruqayya and Asim were in compromising situation. He said, “When I told Ruqayya that I will tell her (Ruqayya’s) husband, she allowed me to have sex with her.”

Manga police have arrested Kashif but the investigation is still on. We will update you with any progress in this story.

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Minor girl raped in Kerala

On Wednesday, November 28, 2007. The Hindu newspaper reported that a five and a half year old girl was raped by a 22 year old youth. The incidence took take on January 2002 in Thiruvananthapuram, “The prosecution case was that Saji of Kadinamkulam lured the Class I student who was returning home for lunch from school by promising to buy her sweets. He later tried to rape the minor by leading her to a secluded spot.”

This is a clear caution to all the parents to train their children not to have any conversation with any strangers. The sentence in the case will be declared by the court on Thursday. We will follow this story and update you with the latest news.

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On Monday, November 26, 2007. CNNIBN reported this news of brutality Everyone watched as two men stripped a tribal woman in Guwahati. The woman was one of the hundreds Tea garden workers protesting for their rights. A woman is brutally kicked, beaten up and paraded on the main streets of Guwahati by two local business men while the police and crowds just watched. The two have been already arrested but the fact that nothing was done either by the policemen or the local people to prevent this, the woman was not rescued by any local people when she was seeking for help

Nothing was done as a humanity by the police or the spectators when the woman was being stripped. This truly is a shameful act. This is a disgrace to the state and the country.

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In New Delhi, on Monday,November 26, 2007. TopNews.in reported that the Government is planning to give a compensation to all the rape victims.

“The Union Government is considering a scheme for the relief and rehabilitation of rape victims under which a maximum compensation of Rs. 2 lakh will be given to the victims.his was disclosed by Women and Child Development Minister Renuka Chowdhury in the Rajya Sabha today.The Ministry of Women and Child Development has suggested an outlay of Rs. 201 crore for the scheme in the 11th Plan. “

The crime cannot be stopped just by providing a compensation to the victim. There is a story reported by The Times of India newspaper, where the rape accused is let off by the court “ NEW DELHI, Nov 25, 2007: In a rare instance of speedy trial, a court here has wrapped up an abduction-cum-rape case in five months and let off the accused saying that the victim and her father had given him a clean chit. “. There is no legal action taken against the perpetrator.

These two incidents clearly show that the government is more concerned about the political issues than providing safety or justice to the victims.

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